How Do I get bit coin?

When we understand the plus points of Bit coin then only you wish to buy or sell or use Bit coin as there are two basic ways of obtaining bit coin either by selling goods or buy buying goods or by exchanging the goods.


Most prominently all the buyer or sellers of bit cons exchanges through websites where buyer and seller both meet together to exchange the bit coin by buying or selling the goods.

The practical steps for doing this are as follows:

  • Create a free account at a trustworthy exchange like
  • Put money in the exchange, typically by linking your bank account or sending a wire.
  • Once your funds are at the exchange, you can buy Bitcoin at the current market price. The coin then stay at the exchange in your account until you send them somewhere else (to your personal wallet or someone you’d like to pay, etc). If you want to sell Bitcoin for dollars, you simply do the process in reverse – send the Bitcoin to an exchange, sell them at market price, and transfer the USD to your bank.

One other ways is also present there for gaining Bitcoin is by selling your service for Bitcoin in exchange of that.