How do I make bit coin?

There are eight different ways of making bit coin -





1. Earn Bitcoin by accepting them as a means of payment: – you can earn Bitcoin through e-wallet, as it is very easy and quick to have transactions.

2. Earn free Bitcoin by completing task on websites:-There are many websites present, which offer us to earn Bitcoin by proving them services.

3. Earn Bitcoin from interest payments:-From this way we can Bitcoin by lending our earned bitcoin to someone else and taking interest on that.

4. Earn Bitcoin from mining:-Bitcoin mining is the process of generating new Bitcoin when we perform mining through computer adds new bitcoin transactions.

5. Earn Bitcoin by getting tipped:-In this we have to accept Bitcoin through payment mean or tip provided to you, in which we need e-wallet and QR-code with our bitcoin address.

6. Earn Bitcoin through trading:-This is really a very interesting way of earning Bitcoin,in this we use to buy some asset from anywhere and sell that asset to somewhere directly hand to hand at higher prices.

7. Earn Bitcoin as a regular income: – this is montly payment way i.e. you get your monthly payment in the bitcoin.

8. Earn Bitcoin from gambling-not suitable for everyone:- this is an illegal way of earning Bitcoin by betting on something.